• Allow app users to order food on the go

      - More orders
      - More money spent per order
      - More repeat customers
      - Increase restaurant bottom line
      - Direct return on investment

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    • app maker hosting

      Robust mobile food ordering system

      - Allow customers to order from any smartphone
      - Receipt printer integration available
      - Online food ordering widget included
      - Customize every aspect of the food order
      - Options for food delivery, take out, or dining in
      - Manage and receive orders online

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      Robust loyalty programs

      - GPS "check-in" coupon system available
      - QR code coupon system available
      - Mobile stamp card system available
      - Customize the coupon for any business
      - Reward your best customers

    • Reward customers for repeat visits

      - Increase customer loyalty
      - Encourage repeat visits or purchases
      - Reward customers with coupons
      - Direct return on investment

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    • app maker hosting

      Integrate unlimited multimedia

      - Integrate YouTube channel feeds
      - Integrate recorded podcasts
      - Integrate Flickr & Picasa galleries
      - Upload unlimited photos
      - And much more…

    • Sell music through iTunes

      - Integrate songs available on iTunes
      - Sell songs to fans or customers
      - Allow users to share & comment
      - Perfect for bands, DJs, and businesses

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    • app maker hosting

      Easily integrate social media

      - Integrate any Facebook page
      - Integrate any Twitter page
      - Integrate any LinkedIn page
      - Integrate any social media
      - And much more…

    • Instantly update your app online

      - Update your app online
      - One touch dialing
      - Turn by turn GPS directions
      - Include pertinent business information
      - Display event times and locations

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      Integrate content in seconds

      - Automatically sync videos with YouTube
      - Automatically sync music with iTunes
      - Automatically sync images with Flickr
      - Automatically sync ads with AdMob
      - And much more…

    • Powerful technology partners

      - Officially partnered with MailChimp
      - Officially partnered with WuFoo
      - Automatically sync your shopping cart items
      - Automatically sync your reservation system
      - Automatically sync your mailing list contacts

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    • app maker hosting

      Encourage customer visits with offers

      - Send special offers to customers
      - Send coupons during slow business times
      - Send actionable messages to customers
      - Encourage customer visits with redeemable offers

    • Send messages directly to customers

      - Send messages right to customers phones
      - Inform customers on business events and specials
      - Update customers on new app content
      - Unlimited push notifications included free
      - Send geo-location enabled messages

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    • Actionable app insights

      - Understand how many users download your app
      - Understand the times when people use your app
      - Understand which platform is most popular
      - Actionable insights into your app's activity

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    • app maker hosting

      Keep track of purchases

      - Track dollars spent on items
      - Track dollars spent on food orders
      - Track appointments scheduled
      - Track consultations scheduled
      - Understand your app's ROI